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We offer personalised stress free car rental services with the option of no deposit to clients in the Maltese Islands, namely Malta and Gozo, guarenteeing fully comprehensive insurance with zero excess, no deductables, no gimicks and no deposit requested. For your peace of mind the price you are quoted through this website is what you will pay, no more, no less. You can rest assured that you will get value for money especially with our No Deposit option and an efficient, honest service. All extras, payments and all other charges are clearly displayed prior to your confirmation which means there will be no surprises. Our head office is in Bugibba which is a busy tourist town where one can find numerous hotels, restaurants, clubs and bars as well as a long promenade and beach. We offer delivery and pick up of vehicles from any location in Malta including the Malta International Airport, so it is unlikely that you will need to come to our office, although you are welcome.

Our cars are carefully selected to be ideal for driving in the Maltese Islands and we constantly monitor their performance to ensure a comfortable and safe ride. You are covered by full insurance and we also offer an excess waiver, no deposit option which includes paying an extra daily fee but will guarantee that in the event of an accident you will not be liable to pay anything else. Vehicles can be collected either from the Malta International Airport or the Sea Terminals or directly from our head office in Bugibba. We also offer delivery to other locations and extra charge may apply.

Being a family run concern we understand that listening to the clients concerns and needs is the key to success and we therefore urge you to get in touch with us.

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