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Car Rentals Ltd is a family run company, we guarantee a personalised service taking special care to make sure that you enjoy safe driving in Malta. Our committment is to providing the highest quality of service to both Maltese clients and to tourists who often use our services to explore our beautiful islands. Through our many years of experience, we offer truly fully comprehensive insurance with zero excess, no deductable  and no gimicks. The price you are quoted through this website is what you will pay, no more, no less. You can rest assured that you will get value for money and an efficient, honest service. All extras, payments and all other charges are displayed prior to your confirmation which means there will be no surprises.

Malta is a small Island nation but you will be pleasantly surprised at the adventure that awaits you. If you are after culture and history then there is no better place. The concentration of historical monuments and exciting sites to visit is unbeleivable. If you enjoy the night life then Malta provides a refreshing mix of the clubbing scene but you can also spend quite evenings dining at one of our famous restaurants. Driving while on holiday in Malta will enhance your experience and make your stay here truly unforgettable. The small size of our islands makes it even more important to be mobile. Distances are short and you will not spend too much of your quality time driving.

Collecting and returning cars at the Malta International Airport is easy, economical, and gives you a feeling of indepence on your holiday. 

We hope you have an enjoyable stay in Malta.

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