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Packing that can be squeezed into the vehicle should be done so that this will help you avoid having to make a series of return trips. Some of the car rental sites list the amount of luggage a given car can carry, so you may want to check these details. If the rental site doesn't have this, you can do an internet search on the vehicle and find out its cargo-carrying capacity.

Drivers can also use the web to find out the fuel consumption of the cars they are considering renting. Although hybrid cars offer the best fuel economy, they may not be widely available. Smaller cars generally have much better fuel economy than minivans or larger cars. Therefore, drivers must balance fuel consumption and comfort when choosing the car.

Review vehicle descriptions on various rental agency websites. There are dealers that offer various extras such as DVD players and GPS systems in all of their vehicles, so you may want to consider these, but you may end up paying more. In some countries, air conditioning and automatic transmission may come as standard, but in other countries they may not be available.

Drivers should do a comparison of the various agencies in different locations so that the best deal is made. Passengers may note that airport rentals can cost a little more than nearby companies, so drivers may want to look for companies outside the airport. However, if passengers choose to go with a company outside the airport, consider the cost of transportation to the facility. Travelers should also be aware of taxes, fees, and other surcharges.

When the drivers go to the airport car rental shop. They should check the car closely before driving away. Do an inspection of the exterior of the car and check for any visible damage. Be sure to note this in the contract if there is damage. Do not take a car that makes you uncomfortable in any way.


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